Your Feedback on came into existence in the year 2011 with an aim to spread financial  awareness in a very simplified way. It is our constant endeavor to encourage everyone to start investing early  irrespective of how much small that amount is so as to give that much more time for money to grow and help an individual to achieve his/her financial goals.

If you like/dislike anything about , this is the place to share your views. We assure you that all your inputs will be taken in the right spirit and we will try that much harder to make the website better for the investors.

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Reader’s Comments :

July 13 ,2011

Hi Salil,

First of all, let me congratulate you for Investment Mantra.A Great Effort from you worth congratulating and wishing you success.This is really helpful and I wish you all the very best in your future plans.This website really helps to learn,understand the trend and invest.It covered most of the items but wish to see lot more content going forward.Please continue with the same passion and hope to see more from this portal.

Hearty Congratulations once again !!
Dheeraj Patta | Sr.Engineer | R&D

July 24 , 2011

Hi Salil,

Let me say thanks to you for the wonderful site.It is really very helpful.The guidance i got from you is fabulous.A tonnes of thanks for such a wonderful effort to guide people in investing…Please continue the good work for all of us…Hearty Congratulations for such a wonderful effort..!

July 28 , 2011

Hi Salil,

The site is quite good and the content is good, though the content can be more and better.

We are able to get lot of info on financial instruments across asset classes.

My suggestion is to make the site more user friendly and the look and feel can be improved a lot, in order to connect with the users.

Kudos for the great job your are doing.


July 29 , 2011

Hi Salil,

Firstly, let me congratulate you for investment-mantra – very well done and all the best for the future.

Suggestions from me: –

1) Improve the website – make it more user friendly. You could categorize better, provide better tools ang improve on general look and feel

2) Include something such as ‘investment tip for the day and month/ yr for longer duration investments’. You could cover stocks/ funds/ property and other investment instruments.

Best wishes,


July 30 , 2011


I guess the objective of your site is to present the financial information to people like us in the most simplest manner. So, in simple terms you have done a fabulous and an excellent job. It’s a big step forward and I wish you all success in the future. In a short span of time, the crowd, which you have pulled in your site speaks of your work in itself.


August 3 , 2011

Dear Salil,

I have been following investment-mantra since 15 days and i am very impressed with the simplicity that you and your team have managed to put in your articles.

Also, You and Your team’s analysis is very good.


1) I would request you to come up with your analysis in sectors as well (Like what you did with Coal India and Castrol India , I would also like to see articles in the future for sectors like Steel , FMCG , Media etc).

2) I would also like to see more stocks being covered in future.

3) Request you to also cover NPS, Company Fixed Deposit , Long term Infra Bonds , Recurring Deposit ; Investment in Commodities like Gold and Silver in future.

I hope my suggestions/feedback would be useful to you and your team.

Thanks and Regards,

Shrey Khandelwal

October 3 , 2011

Hi Salil & fellows!!

I must acknowledge the good work Salil is doing as a lone warrior with no self-interest. I must also acknowledge that Salil helped me comprehensively in May 2011 with his one-to-one communication with minute detailing of my financial planning. I am really grateful to him.

May God bless you, Salil!! and may this website hit the next benchmark sooner than expected.

Thanks and Regards

Ashish Bahal

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