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About Investment-Mantra.co.in

Investment Mantra is investment-related information sharing initiative. I very well understand the fact that lack of financial literacy is widespread. There is a small proportion of the population who irrespective of their fat pay cheque know how to plan and invest for their short, medium and long-term goals. More often than they really don’t know what to do with their money. More importantly, they don’t know what not to do with their money.

I aim to spread financial awareness in a very simplified way understandable to an average retail investor.

It is my constant endeavor to encourage everyone to start investing early irrespective of how much small that amount is. Such a beginning gives an individual that much more time for one’s money to grow and help you achieve financial goals.

I follow the philosophy of investing in equity markets and benefit from India growth story. It has been proved that investing in equity markets over a long term is the best medium to beat inflation.

If people are averse to invest in stocks, mutual funds investments through SIP delivers excellent returns over long term. Be an investor, not a trader. If you are a trader, this website is not for you. Extremely sorry.Last but not the least, we aim to bring awareness among investors.

I am not here to advise about any fund/stock/insurance product etc. I am just sharing information based on my experiences with Indian equity markets.

Investment-mantra.co.in will be more than happy to take suggestions. So write to me at dhawansalil@gmail.com and you can expect a prompt reply from me.

Disclaimer : investment-mantra.co.in is an information sharing website. It doesn’t advise about any fund/stock/insurance product etc. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any investment decision.